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About the Instructor:

Matthew Adams is a journeyman writer and teacher with degrees in education and fiction writing from the University of Pittsburgh and Bennington College. He has over ten years of experience teaching in secondary and post-secondary schools, including Penn State, Duquesne, Point Park, and CCAC. His talent lies in helping students find voices to match their experiences, identify and resolve whatever writing issues this presents, and replace their doubt and self-consciousness with a more open, honest, and grounded appreciation of what their writing has to offer.  Read more of his biography and approach in the "About" section.  To reach him directly with questions or comments, email

About the programs:


 Transformative Writing:  The Art of Journaling

Transformative writing infuses traditional journaling with the conscious artistry of creative literature and expressive art, transforming both the work and the writer into fuller, more dynamic creations of the artistic process.  The workshops will focus on various elements (setting, character, and event) of journal writing through different stages of process (drafting, revision, reinvention) in order to facilitate an intimacy with ourselves, our subjects, and each other as writers and struggling, evolving human beings; thus, they are appropriate for writers with a range of experience levels and a variety of purposes and goals—artistic, spiritual, therapeutic.  Over four sessions, we will sample various approaches to the full realization of journal writing: the inspirations and tools we can use from our daily lives, the artistic forms we can employ, the ways we can formally develop the writing in accordance with our emerging relationship with it, and finally, what we can do, through sharing and performance, with what we’ve created so that we can continue to feed the echo of ourselves the process creates.


The workshop is structured in sessions of varying length and format:

Session 1 :: Inspiration

Session 2 :: Crafting

Session 3 :: Revision

Session 4 :: Reinvention

*See "On the Calendar" below for upcoming Sessions.

**See "About" for further descriptions of each. 


This workshop is for novice and experienced writers seeking a more fulfilling connection to, and growth in, their work, themselves, and their sense of community.


Group size of Sessions 1 and 4 is 8-20 participants.  Group size of Sessions 2 and 3 is 4-8 participants.


Preregistration costs are $40 for Sessions 1 and 4 and $30 for Sessions 2 and 3, which include the cost of the workshop, a 20-25% donation to the spaces we'll be working in, and for Sessions 2 and 3, continuous feedback from the instructor.  Package pricing for all four sessions is available (see the "Tickets and Registration" page to register).  

*Some out-of-town workshops may be priced higher due to travel costs. 


On the Calendar: 


Rhythm for the Spoken Word

with Bryan Fazio* 

Music and literature represent two of our oldest forms of artistic expression.  From the sacred ceremonial drumming of ancient cultures to the raw, spontaneous energy of contemporary writing and speech, these arts have always played defining roles in how we shape and share our experiences.   You are warmly invited to join Bryan Fazio and Matthew Adams for a workshop that explores what happens when we bring them together.  In this rhythm-based, spoken word experience, Bryan will facilitate an approach to drumming that welcomes all participants to lose their inhibitions and experience the pure, blissful joy that making music brings, and Matthew will lead writing exercises designed to help participants uncover and express the emotions and reflections such a process inspires.  We will then explore ways of integrating these expressions into supportive and gratifying individual and group performances that will remind us all of what it feels like to be vital, unique members of a supportive artistic community.   

*visit Bryan on the web at


This workshop is designed for drummers and writers of all ages and experience levels.


Group size is 10-20 participants.


Preregistration for individual sessions is $30 per person, which includes the workshop and a 20-25% donation to the spaces we'll be working in, where applicable.  To preregister, please go to the "Tickets and Registration" page.


On the Calendar: 



The Continuum

The Continuum is a writing group comprised mostly of past participants of the Transformative Writing workshops who want to maintain a focus on the projects they carry out of that experience.  This maintenance provides a continued development of the writing as participants struggle through the more complex nature, both artistic and emotional, of longer projects.  Thus, through this exploration, we'll be able to identify and resolve more specific issues in the writing, more fundamental issues in the writer, and an increased awareness of and dedication to the multiple struggles and explorations the workshop group provides and for which it offers both perspective and support.  We'll maintain a similar structure as the TW workshops, meaning that every meeting, the group will read and comment on manuscripts submitted by other members of the group, and the instructor will continue to work with the writer between meetings.  


This group is designed for experienced writers and/or past participants of the workshops interested in a sustained writing and/or art project, including novels, memoirs, collections of poetry or short stories, plays, graphic fiction, application manuscripts, performance pieces, etc.,.  


The writing group meets in monthly, three hour sessions at various sites.


 Group size is 4-8 participants.   


Cost for participation in the writing group is $150.00 for five sessions, which includes 15 hours of workshops, individual consultations, and written commentary and feedback from the instructor.


On the Calendar: 



"Singularis" is Latin for "alone, unique, extraordinary, individual," which more than anything probably defines the particular, peculiar points of view with which writers seem to identify, in both themselves and in the life that spreads before them.  Often the nature of our work is such that we need feedback in an intimiate, focussed, particular way, in order to devleop those points of view, and so here I offer a structure for clear, defined exchanges between participant and instructor, focussed on the development of one or several pieces at once.  This work may come out of the Tranformative Writing workshop or from the writer's own inspired directions and interests.  It can be done with the support of the Continuum workshop or entirely between us.  My goal is to give writers a depth of response and insight that larger workshop groups might not get to, and to tailor a much more specific, supported, and sustained framework for the writer's approach to his or her work.  This can be done at the writer's pace, for as long as the writer desires.


The structure for the work revolves around "exchanges."  The writer submits on a consistent basis to be determined by us (every week, every other week, once a month, or so on), the piece or pieces he or she wants to focus on.  I will respond with feedback, reflections, and suggestions to help the writer address his or her specific issues both in the work and in the process (I spend about one to two hours reading and commenting on each submission).  During this time, we will also have more informal consultations, by phone or in person, so as to cover ground that needs to come out in a more intimate, informal way.


This program is appropriate for writers of any level of experience, seeking help establishing and maintaining a specific focus and momentum for one or more pieces. 


Cost of these exchanges (based on an hourly rate of $10-20) are as follows and include as many consultations as needed:

4 for $100

6 for $140

8 for $170

10 for $200  

Specialty Work

Sometimes the nature of the work or the writer demands a more customized forum--especially for those writers struggling with difficult or specialized material, key skill deficiencies, and/or blocks in their process--which I'm more than willing and available to help with.  These programs are adjustable and customized and can be conducted online or in person, but all include a running, focused dedication to the process for the duration of the writer's need.  I have experience in the following specialty areas:

Instruction in Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Drama 

 Writing for Therapy*

Personnel Management and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

English Composition - High School and College 

Grammar and Usage Skills Development

General Proofreading and Editing  


*I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience working with clients struggling with addiction, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, adjustment crises, and trauma.  


Cost is negotiable and dependent on the task and duration of the commitment.  Email for details.