from the Inside Out Writing Workshops

To Register:

Step 1:  Choose the event you're interested in (individual and package prices listed below).  




TW Workshop-

Individual Sessions 1 and 4:          $40 each                   

        Individual Sessions 2 and 3: $30 each

Combined All Sessions:  $130 

*All prices are for pre-registration.  If registering on the day of the event, add $10 


Rhythm for the Spoken Word:                $30



5 Sessions:                           $150



4 Exchanges $100

6 Exchanges $140

8 Exchanges $170

10 Exchanges                                    $200 



Step 2:  Please click on the Paypal link below and enter the Program your purchasing (TW, Continuum, Singularis, or Spoken Word), the cost for your selection, and your credit card information.  You do not need a Paypal account (select the box that asks "Don't have a Paypal account?"). If you feel more comfortable paying directly by check or cash, please contact me for mailing information.



Step 3:   Please contact me at, 412-651-2326, or through the website to let me know that you've registered.  I will then confirm your seat and we're good to go.  For Transformative Writing programs, I will send a letter of introduction about one week prior to the start dates, which will include what you'll want to bring to the session, any kind of preparation writing and reading you'll want to do, and, for Continuum participants, submission guidelines.    


Please note:  Payments for Transformative Writing and Singularis are transferrable, meaning you can use your payment for either program. Payments for the Continuum and Rhythm for the Spoken Word programs are only transferrable in terms of when you use it, meaning that you must use that tuition for that program but that you may, if you need, come to a later event.  All fees must be used within a year of your payment (ie, I do not offer refunds for programs that you don't use).  If, however, I need to cancel a scheduled session or agreement, you will receive a full refund.