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Jim Donovan's Summer Rhythm Renewal

Posted by Matthew Adams on August 5, 2010 at 10:33 AM

Just back from a really fascinating experience at St. Francis University for Jim's Summer Rhythm Renewal.  I wasn't able to get to as many of the drumming, music, dance, and drawing workshops as I would have liked, but that's why there's a next year.  As a participant, I felt a sort of convergence of performance art with the various experiences and issues I carried with me, so that each drum circle, each performance, each conversation I had with each new, inspiring person I met, led me back to the driving idea behind the TW workshops:  that it's all connected, it all forms a sort of line from me to you to it, and that art is the way to walk that line, a sort of tightrope from past to present to future, from internal place to external space.  I'm still processing this, but I just wanted to express my gratitude and humility in the face of all our efforts to engage ourselves with the world through the various mechanism of art.


As a teacher, I was able to test-run a short version of the first session (Inspiration) of the workshops.  It's a nice, portable concept and fit interestingly with the jubiliation of performance that occured throughout the retreat.  It would be cool to take this, and short versions of the other sessions, on the road.  There's some paring down yet to do, but I want to thank Jim for the opportunity to even start this, as well as the people who participated in the workshops.  Some great artists populate our communities and lives and it's experiences like these, when they emerge from their daily worlds and announce themselves as seekers, that make it all worthwhile. 

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